Just Emma…

Trying to keep my life from being a chaotic mess isn’t easy.

Me, my husband, two children and a dog.

I want to share my inspirations, things I love:

I’ve always loved to Travel when I was in my early twenties, I did a mini round the world trip and visited some wonderful places. My husband and I take our children away as often as we can, as they are young, we normally enjoy a city break or short breaks. Somewhere where we all can learn something new and visit exciting and wonderful places.

Since I was young I’ve been into Fashion and creating your own personal style, I’ve had a subscription to Vogue since I was 13. I’m not an avid fashion follower and you won’t see me rocking the latest trends all the time. For me classic Fashion is best, ageless style and now as a working mother comfortable, practical and stylish clothing is my main interest.

Since becoming a mother Healthy Eating is the main focus for our family, you realise having children the importance of eating good, nutritious food. When at home we eat Organic Food and try to as much as we can when out and about. Ethically sourced food and local produce are both things I champion. It’s not just a diet fad, but a way of life and something I love to share.

As well as eating healthy, organic ethical foods I also like  Green Living. Anything that causes minimum or no damage to the environment. It does take time and sourcing something’s can be hard, but in the world we live in now there has never been so much out there that is Green Living. We may still run a car, use power resources and fly, but try to keep the rest of our lives low impact on the environment.


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