3953904690_da6fc340f5_zWhen I started this blog, I thought it would just be a way to keep track of what’s going on with the family, write a few updates on my life every now and again, a few complaints here and there, and just anything that came into my head. Before I set it up, I knew about the other “Mummy Bloggers” out there as some friends had been talking about them and introduced me to some that are now my favourite daily reads (or weekly, depending on my time!). What I didn’t realise though was that there are thousands, probably millions, of blogs out there, and all in different sectors and writing about different things.

I wasn’t trying to stick to any particular genre when I started out. I guess I’m more in the mummy blogger section as I occasionally write about my family, but I’m reluctant to share too many photos of them for the sake of privacy and safety on the internet. I do also venture into other things though – I’ve written about my love of fashion and travel (such as this trip to Madrid), as well as recipes, my attempts at exercising, book reviews and current news stories.

One genre of blogs I’ve recently fallen for though is beauty blogging, and I realised I’ve barely mentioned any of my beauty routines aside from the organic products I like to treat myself to. To be completely honest though, beauty and make-up aren’t something I have a lot of time for with the family being my first priority, despite the fact that I love to read blogs about how to apply the perfect face and get the perfect hairstyle. I have a simple make-up routine that I use every day that consists of a bit of foundation and concealer, followed up with blusher or bronzer depending on my mood and a quick swipe of mascara. I’ll occasionally apply a bit of beige or brown eyeshadow if I get the time, but that’s not often!

I do however love lipsticks but tend to steer away from them in the day time as I feel they can be a bit too attention-drawing on your face for every day wear, and I tend to get little hands all over my face smearing it everywhere if I’m taking the little ones anywhere. So I generally only wear lipstick if it’s a special occasion like a meal with the hubby or a girls’ night out. I do have a surprisingly big collection of lipsticks though, some only swiped on the lips once to check whether they suit me or not before being resigned to the depths of my drawer. So I decided to make a bit of a resolution to start wearing my lipsticks more often. Of course, I’ll have to try and keep the boys away from my face while I’m wearing it, but I do have a couple of those lip stains which I think will work well for every day. So here’s a list of some of the ones I have right now, and what I think of them:

MAC Vegas Volt: this is pretty bright and is fairly matte on the lips. It’s sort of between an orangey red and coral, but it suits my skin tone nicely, mostly good for meals out with hubby as it stands out but isn’t over the top.

Rimmel Apocalips Lacquer Stellar: this is new, and this is bright! I liked the look of the tube, and the colour on the stick looked pretty so I bought it, but it’s very bold and pigmented, more of a hot pink than a red. It’s a bit messy to apply, you have to be really careful not to go outside the lip line, and is perfect to make a BIG statement on a night out.

Barry M Magic Lipstick: this one will have you intrigued if you clicked the link – no, it’s not green, I promise! That’s why it’s called magic lipstick – it turns pink when you apply it, according to your skin tone and the pH level of your lips. It comes out well on me and is smooth to apply.

Gosh Lip Stain Berry Red: I think this might be my new everyday lipstick (or lip stain). It’s got a felt tip-like pen to apply it and stays on really well. It’s a pretty average red and isn’t too bright.

Do you have any recommendations for lipsticks? I’d like to try another coral coloured one, or maybe one with more orange in because I think these suit my skin tone best, whereas blue toned pinks don’t. I think I’ll need to try another lip stain, so let me know your favourites.

Image courtesy of pomo mama.

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