I have a nice house, a husband who is on a good salary and I am a stay at home mother (although working freelance) I am living the middle class dream. More so when I found myself adding numerous items to my shopping basket on the Boden website. Only a few years ago I would be quietly mocking those that shopped in such middleclass mumsy shops as Boden, Still shopping in Topshop, H&M and Zara as well as vintage markets and charity shops. As I worked on an edgy yet individual fashion forward style. Now however I have become the opposite of my younger self.

My hubby says, as soon as I popped out my first born, something clicked and I became one of those women I used to joke about. Right up until giving birth I always maintained Id keep my individuality and wouldn’t be seen dead in places such as Boden, or worse Kath Kidston. Yet not long after I started going to mother and baby clubs, my style evolved. I blame it on the other mothers, around them a lot more than some of my more fashionistas friends, so my style ended up mimicking them.

Its not all bad though, Boden are stocking to fabulous items this Spring/Summer and they don’t feel as mumsy as I thought they did. Mixing and matching with some of my pre-kids clothing I don’t look too much like the women I used to mock. I do think though as parents, the whirlwind of motherhood, kind of wraps you up and you don’t always make the same conscious decisions you used to. As your friendship circle evolves, so do you to a certain extent.

The kids wear is very nice and looks good quality, unfortunately with two you ng children, I really don’t want to be spending those prices on my kids. They’re boys, they are instinctively messy and they are growing quickly. I just find that as nice as these clothes are they are not all that practical. Also the boys wouldn’t stay looking smart and tidy as I envisioned for long!

Anyway these are some that I quite like and which I dont feel are mumsy.

Boden 1 Boden 2 Boden 3

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