8972592333_661b21f885_kI’m obsessed with thinking about this holiday to Florida now! We’ve got it booked in for right at the end of August crossing into September for 2 whole weeks. Since we don’t need to pay accommodation as we’re staying at my sister’s holiday home (all she wants us to do is to buy her a couple of things for around the house and some food as payment – lucky us!), we’ve got a bit of extra money to spend elsewhere. Of course, as I said before, it’s easy to save money on theme park tickets by buying several days worth and getting them altogether, so we’ll be doing that, so our splurge is on something a bit different this time: hubby allowed me, for the first time, to upgrade our seats on the plane to Premium Economy! I was initially planning on budgeting a bit on the flights, for example, using the same app my sister did, SendMyBag, to get our luggage over instead of paying extra for all the kids’ stuff including pushchairs, but apparently with our seats, we get additional luggage allowance too, so there’s no need this time.

I’m really excited as I’ve never flown anything other than economy before, and even better, our flight is on the new Thomson Dreamliner. We get extra legroom, wider seats, our own personal TV screens (I know the boys are going to love this – a brilliant way to keep them occupied during the 8 hours!) and slightly better food and drinks than economy. There are also features that are exclusive to the Dreamliner plane including windows that can turn opaque at the touch of a button instead of having a screen to pull down over them, lighting which imitates sunset/sunrise, more oxygen pumped around the cabin and a higher ceiling. Apparently the whole experience makes it easier to cope with jet lag, so that’ll definitely be interesting to test out.

The configuration of the seats is 2-3-2 across the plane, so we’ve booked two sets of the two seats with the windows, so we’ll get to test out the ingenious new features – very exciting! I can’t wait to see what it looks like. Even the economy seats are apparently wider than a normal plane, so I’m not sure we need the extra we’ll be getting, but it’s nice to treat yourself every once in a while since we’re saving money in other areas. I’ll be sure to report back on it!

Image courtesy of Mark Murdock.


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