Gone_Girl_(Flynn_novel)One thing I haven’t really mentioned on the blog up until now is that I like to read. Sometimes me and my friends get together and do a sort of “book club”, although it’s more like an excuse to have some nice food and a drink together! One of them recommended Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn to me a few months ago. I’d heard quite a bit about it, apparently it was super popular when it came out and there are hundreds of raving reviews about it on the internet. I found out that there’s a film being made from it that’s out later this year with Ben Affleck (swoon!), so I thought I’d get on and read the book before it comes out.

The book itself is fairly average looking, about 400 pages, which isn’t too bad, and a dark cover with red writing. I knew it was a kind of mystery, but didn’t quite know what I was in for with it. I actually ended up reading the whole thing in about 3 days flat, and that’s quite an achievement with my two boys around!

The story is set in Missouri, America, and begins on the day of Amy and Nick’s fifth wedding anniversary, but strangely enough, Amy isn’t present: she’s gone missing. The house is a mess and her blood is on the floor, and evidence slowly begins to point to the husband, but was it him?

The book has alternating chapters: Nick tells the present, Amy’s diary up until the present fills in the alternating chapters. It isn’t until around half way that you get the main reveal, which I really can’t spoil for you, but it’s a good one, believe me!

I’m really looking forward to the film coming out. Apparently the ending has been changed quite a bit, so that’ll be interesting to see. I’d definitely recommend this book to anyone, even people who don’t particularly like reading since it’s so good! I’m trying to get hubby to read it now, but he’s never so much as read the back of a book in the time I’ve known him, so it’s not looking likely, but at least he’ll come to see it with me when it comes out.

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