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New Greenhouse

We buy most of our veg from Riverford, as well as our meat, however we are intending on growing our own veg this year. We will still be relying on Riverford, as its going to take us a while to get ourselves established. So we have built a greenhouse to get us going and dug a few plots to grow veg in. As spring comes, we will be getting a few small plants going in the greenhouse, ready to plant for the summer.

Autumn Veg Delights

We don’t expect much this year after all first yields are never very successful, unless you’re lucky. Hence why we will still be keeping the organic veg box! Anyway I though growing our own veg would be fun for the whole family. The boys are getting bigger and won’t be too long until they can help out, plus it’s a great learning experience for them. Plus it has meant and means hubby gets to put his DIY skills to good use.

What it has made us realise is that we really needed to tidy up the garden, it’s been a little neglected since the boys were born. Plus the weather this winter really took its toll. So as well as adding a veg plot and greenhouse, I also looked at the Garden Trends for 2014 to get some inspiration. I defiantly need to add some more colour to the garden, there really aren’t many plants in there at the moment, so my task this spring is to get a few more potted up!

The garden is an important aspect to a home and whilst you can spend time and money of getting the inside right, the outside can become neglected, as ours has. That being said we still have work to do on the house, it’s a work in progress since we bought it. The boy’s arrival slowed things down though. But we will get back on top of our home improvements, after all you can quite easily double your house for half the money if you’re canny.

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Food feeding Food

As a avid opponent to GM food and agribuisness and very much pro organic and natural this video hits home with me. I just want to share it with everyone so people can understand our food stystem. Michael Pollan (who wrote “The Omnivore’s Dilemma”) is a great writer and in the video he sets the record straight in regards to many of the food myths.

My Top Ten Organic Beauty Products

Many people think buying organic is expensive, whether its food or other every day products. I have been buying organic beauty products for the past few years and I don’t spend any more than I used to. There are a number of affordable options out there, as well as some pricy ones!

I have to keep some products affordable when the whole family use them, but I also do like to treat myself. So why not check out my products below.

Cleanser & Toner

Heaven – Cleanse & Tone Facial Wash. All in one which saves me precious time!

Face Masks

Heaven – Bee Venom Mask. Contains Manuka Honey and magic Bee Venom keeps fine lines at bay.

Moisturiser Day & Night

Neal’s Yard – Power Berry Daily Moisture. Nice and light and smells perfect for all day use.

Essential Care – Organic Avocado Replenishing Cream. Nice and rich perfect moisturising for overnight.

Eye Cream

Green People – Firming Eye Gel (day). Nice and light for the day and a great price gives tired eyes a lift.

Lip Balm

Dr Organic – Manuka Honey Lip Balm. Affordable, keeps my lips hydrated and tastes really nice plus it has a SPF 15

Body Wash

Organic Surge – Lavender Meadow Shower Gel. This smells so nice, it’s lovely and foamy, plus keeps your skin soft with essential oils.

Body Scrub

Neal’s Yard – Geranium & Orange Body Scrub. Such a divine smell and leaves my body super soft, such a treat.


Organic Surge – Lavender Meadow Body Lotion. I like to match my shower gel!


Origins – Brighter By Nature™ SPF 30. Skin Tone Correcting Makeup which you put on underneath your foundation

Origins – Plantscription™. Anti-aging foundation. Blends really well and is not too heavy on my skin.

Eye Makeup

Neals Yard – Slate Mineral Eye Liner, Mineral Eye Shadow and Lengthening Mascara Black.

Women Going Au-Naturel?

Waxing argh its painful stuff, believe me I opt for my legs and eyebrows to be done and that is bad enough however many people also opt for a wax down there. But now we are finding not as many as there used to be, according to beauty news I came across yesterday. Apparently many women are now choosing to go au-naturel down there now, moving away from the shaven and bare porn star look once favoured.

Bikini WaxingWomen were surveyed and asked “Do you style or groom the hair in your bikini region?” And 49 percent said yes, while 51 percent said no. So really it is a 50-50 split, but I would guess even a couple of years ago more were in favour of waxing than those that weren’t. But many things have changed since then. Money, not everyone can now afford to keep their regular waxing appointment and not to mention women attitudes have changed. Realising the sexualised look you see splashed across the media and covered by the press plus what you see in pornos is not how we want to be.

And men also agree 62 percent questioned in the survey said that their partners preferred the au-naturel look too. So for those women who put themselves through the pain of a bikini wax every month because they think their partner prefers it, I’d probably not bother. They probably wouldn’t notice if you went au-natural, save yourself some time and money and pain! It’s just not worth it!