When I was young, single and carefree I couldn’t imagine settling down with a family and managing a job and my home life, I could barely do that when I was single! However like many other people once you enter the role of wife, then mother somehow you seem to able able to adapt. It’s not easy, as many of you know!

After my husband and I married nothing felt that much different, we had bought a house before our big day so really we were pretty settled. To get used to being a family, my husband bought me a puppy. At first I was happy/ surprised then dread set in, how were we going to look after this demanding bundle of fur and both work full time? However we soon settled into a routine after a week of broken nights and now we wouldn’t be without our faithful friend (and neither would the kids).

Between us both we had a routine, I would get up early and walk the dog, before work, we had a dog walker for a lunchtime visit then when my husband got back from work he would take the dog out or we both would. The final walk of the night is my husband’s task so, it all works out okay. The routine changed a bit when we had our children, but if anything, it’s much more fun now.

I think once I realised I was capable of looking after something else the idea of children didn’t seem as daunting. So two years after we married we welcomed our little boy. I’m not one of those lucky mother who had an easy pregnancy or birth, however it didn’t put me off more children completely. So a year and a half later we tried again and were blessed with our youngest boy. At first motherhood was a challenge, but once you start learning everything, it becomes manageable. That being said two young children can be a bit of a handful, especially cheeky boys.

After my first child, I went back to work part time once my maternity leave was up, this I found very difficult, managing my time, the family and our dog was quite a juggling act especially as my husband was working hard to make up the shortfall in our wages. So when I became pregnant with our second child I made the decision to be a stay at home mother.

When I realised I could work freelance and work from home, life became a bit easier, not only did I have time with my children, I could still contribute to the family income, albeit slightly less than I could working! So now my eldest is nearly 4 and about to start school soon, and I will just have my youngest to spend time with, so changes will be on the way again. However I have become quite accustomed to working from home!

I couldn’t have done all this though without the love of my husband and the love and joy my two children and the dog bring!


If you’re a stay at home mother or working mother, please share your stories and let me know how you get on, any help is always appreciated. And please keep up with me on my social network sites!!

Images courtesy of D Sharon Pruitt

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