Whenever someone describes something as ‘must have’ I generally pay no attention! Why should someone else tell me what I must have!! Plus I found especially in the world of fashion ‘must have’ means expensive fads. Nothing you can invest in, and wear year after year. No it’s generally a throw away fashion, rather than a classic timeless pieces. So this winter when the fashionistas declared pink coats a must have I firstly vomited in my mouth a little at the thought of sickly sweet coats and then headed out to look for a nice classic black coat.

Must have coats

So ‘apparently’ we all should be wearing these beauties.

CoatsHowever are any of these styles, anything that would become a classic style? Something the exceeded fashion and becomes a mainstay of a woman’s wardrobe. Mannish for example is a big trend this season, it’s been hitting many trends for the past couple of years, think androgynous (all the same idea). However I’m not sure it fits into fashion mainstay, same goes for Pea coats and Asymmetrical coats. All flit in and out of fashion, so are these worthwhile investment pieces? And this is where pink coats come into the mix. You can pick up a pink coat in one of many of these designs, so does that mean you’re mixing two fashion fads and one step away from buyers regret?

To be fair I’m not a massive girly girl, the only type I can see in these pink coats, my husband would walk a few feet behind me with the boys if I wore one and well, do I really want to spend money on a coat which may take a good while to slip back round into fashion?

I’m all for buying wardrobe staples. I have plenty of coats and jackets in my collection which flit in and out of fashion quickly, so really are worthwhile invest men pieces. Some have even become a fashion mainstay.

Forever in fashion coats and jackets (for now)

These styles are still big for this season and luckily I also won them as well, not just bought recently but over the last couple of years (yey me).

Coats 2Trench Coats, for sure a timeless classic, now I don’t have a super expensive Burberry Classic Trench (oh how I wish I did though). But I have a great quality one from ASOS. I only picked it this autumn, after an old H&M one finally gave up the ghosts. Too many holes in the lining and falling apart at the seams. I went for a better quality, thicker material trench coat and I think it’s a great investment piece.

Leather Jackets, I have too (greedy I know) one from when leather jackets were fashionable when I was young (late teens). I still wear it, luckily my top half hasn’t grown too much since my late teen years including my boobs even after two kids. Kept in good condition, real leather jackets are investment pieces. Last year I bought a black leather jacket and have already got a lot of wear from it and consider it one of my wardrobe staples.

Fur Coats, obviously only faux fur! Again I have two! However one is a cropped version which is great to wear with formal wear. Black it goes with everything, and really dresses up an outfit as well as keeping me toasty. I bought it a number of years ago in a sale for a friend’s winter wedding and have got loads of use from it since. My other fur coat came from republic, not in the sale, but it is super soft, not always something you get with synthetic fur, and a lovely dappled brown colour. I wear it on chilly nights out or when I feel like I need to wrap up warm!

So, the only coat I really need is a black smart wool coat. It’s all that I am missing, however with the fashion fads in at the moment I can’t find anything I 100% like. Does anyone else need to give their wardrobe an update with a new coat or jacket? If so what are you going for?


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