4886297425_f34867ba41_zOkay, so you can probably tell I’m more than a little excited about our upcoming trip to Florida. I know I’ve travelled quite a bit around Europe, but since I’ve never been across the Atlantic, it’s something I just can’t wait for. And it’s always been my dream to take my family to Disney before they get too old to enjoy it. So anyway, in my excitement, I decided to get a little bit of a start on my packing. Yes, I know it’s still a month to go, but I wanted to make sure that I had enough summer clothes after my little wardrobe clear out to be able to make it through the trip before it got too late so I’ve got the chance to go shopping to get more.

Well, as it turns out, I didn’t have enough! As I said, I got rid of all the clothes that were just too short to wear anymore, and those that just didn’t fit my post-children body properly any more, and now I’ve only got a few summery dresses, a couple of pairs of shorts and various tops, not many of which will be good for the hot sun of Florida.

Unfortunately though, I may not be doing as much clothes buying as I thought since I noticed something when I got right to the back of my old wardrobe: woodworm. It’s a wardrobe we’ve had since we got married that we picked up in an antiques shop, so I should have known really that this would happen sometime, and I can’t believe I hadn’t noticed before! So that wardrobe has been completely emptied (onto the spare room bed…) and has gone to the tip, and I’m now looking at getting a new one installed, something along the lines of these sliding wardrobes will work well in our bedroom since we have a little alcove that they would slot into perfectly. I like how modern looking they are too, very different to the old one (which is very similar to the picture above)!

And of course, since I’m getting a new wardrobe that’s a completely different style, I’m having to look at other things around the room too to get them to match better. Everything will have to be moved around since the layout will be slightly different, and I think that means we’ll need to get some new bedside tables. We’ve only got one on my side of the bed since the room wasn’t big enough with the bulky old wardrobe in there, but I think there should be space for two now, and it would look a little odd if they didn’t match, so there’s a bit more money down the drain.

So, it looks like I’ll be budgeting for these new summer clothes! One of my friends who has been to America before (New York, but I think Florida is similar) told me that clothes are a lot cheaper there than they are here, so I think I might try to buy a few bits and pieces over there. I guess they’ll also be more suited to the hot weather than our shops will be too. The only thing I definitely need to get my hands on though is a probably fitted bikini since I threw out the old string ones. So a shopping trip is definitely in order for that!

Image courtesy of Silk Road Collection.

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